Aniki Heredotus is a %100 pure hand made, vintage looking, real leather A6 size notebook bag for writing addict people traveling needs. It has a two different departments. One for notes or loose leaf papers, tickets and etc. The other thick one is for thick notebooks, cahier style notebooks and passport. Second department has a pen loop for your precious pens. First stage has a extra slot for holding credit cards.
This product is %100 pure hand made without using any electric machine or mechanical sewing machine. See the following table for detailed information. Slide the images for more view. The price given here is for the dimensions described in the table of general details of the product. Please describe your customization selection in your order request or Click Here To Contact for your question.

Price $72


General Details of the product

Material %100 Genuine 2,2-2,5 mm. leather
Stitching Yes, Hand sewn two needle saddle stitch with original waxed Tiger Thread
Edges Painted, Burnished, Waxed
Dimensions 16,5 x 13,5 x 4 cm.
Charm No
Elastic Color No
Leather Color Avalaible colors are Tan, Classic Tabac, Reddish Tabac, Dark Brown, Khaiki else please ask.
Leather Type Italian, semi soft. Applied Belvoir Leather Balm and Wax
Capacity Please see images.
Exclude Shipping Cost. All materials not are the part of the product shown here are for demonstration purposes only.

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