Humidity is the main enemy of the paper and notebooks. Aniki made a new special strong box for notebooks. Aniki Archive Box is made with German hard wood craft 2mm. thickness cardboard . Its completely pure cut&hand made box for storing your notebooks in a dry and safe place where your memories will be in peace.
This product is %100 pure hand made without using any electric machine or mechanical sewing machine. See the following table for detailed information. Slide the images for more view. The price given here is for the dimensions described in the table of general details of the product. Please describe your customization selection in your order request or Click Here To Contact for your question.

Price A6 $17 - A5 $21


General Details of the product

Material %100 2mm German Craft Cardboard.
Stitching No, Hand cut, bend, riveting and assembled
Edges Cut by hand
Dimensions 15,5 x 11,5 x 5,5 cm.
Charm No
Elastic Color Yes. Large
Material Color Craft
Material Type German Hard Wood Craft
Capacity Holds 12pcs. 68 pages A6 Notebook.
Exclude Shipping Cost. All materials not are the part of the product shown here are for demonstration purposes only.

Worldwide Shipping 8$

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