Aniki Duo-N Antelope is a %100 hand stitched real antelope leather pen case for your precious pens and fountain pens. Its skin has a perfect natural texture and softness. Inner side is real suede for hugging smootly your precious pens. This rounded shape hand cut pen sleeve is designed in accordance with 50s fashion sense by leaving extra space for pen clips. It has a mathe satin finish. Aniki never use a metal material in the pen sleeves for eliminating crack or hairline while you are placing your pens in the slot. Intelligent access points for fingers to hold the pen easily. You can also use Aniki double pen sleeves as a fountain pen pillow on your desk to protect your pens from crash by rolling down the table. This special order limited edition two pen sleeve can be tailored in a desired size depending your pens lenght.
This product is %100 pure hand made without using any electric machine or mechanical sewing machine. See the following table for detailed information. Slide the images for more view. The price given here is for the dimensions described in the table of general details of the product. Please describe your customization selection in your order request or Click Here To Contact for your question.

Price $69


General Details of the product

Material %100 Genuine 2,2-2,5 mm. Antelope leather
Stitching Yes, Hand sewn two needle saddle stitch with original waxed Tiger Thread
Edges Painted, Burnished, Waxed
Dimensions 16,5x8 cm.
Charm No
Elastic Color No
Leather Color Natural oiled waxed Antelope Leather.
Leather Type Italian, semi soft. Applied Belvoir Leather Balm and Wax
Capacity Holds two pen.
Exclude Shipping Cost. All materials not are the part of the product shown here are for demonstration purposes only.

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